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Hotmail is one of the most commonly used free online email service, rendered my Microsoft. It is a webmail service which users can access from anywhere with just a basic requirement of Internet connection.

Salient Feature of Hotmail:

Countless Customers

At Present, Hotmail is available in 36 languages, with almost 250 million users all across the world.

Conversation View

It keeps track of all your conversation history with date and time. It helps you in recollecting all the important chats which you have performed.

Platform Independent

It supports all major search engines like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Bing, Opera etc.

Easy Navigation

We can easily navigate through the pages leveraging shortcuts through keyboard without using mouse.

One-click Filter

Nice one click filters are introduced in the latest version of Hotmail as it allows you to segregate the categories as per your choice and also help in filtering emails with social updates, emails from regular contacts and from groups easily.

Real time Document collaboration

It is a very innovative feature as it allows you to work with your partner on the same document even if you are apart from each other. It helps you in getting the updates regarding, editing, and deletion, omission of the content on that same document while it is performed by your team member. You can instantly track changes made by your team members.

Huge storage and Spacious

Currently, Hotmail carries 5 GB of storage which is expandable and you can send up to 10 GB of file in a single mail with the help of skydrive and can have multiple accounts with the same domain. Based on Ajax technology integrated with Windows Live Messenger, hotmail also provide spaces for calendar and contacts.

How you are benefited by having a Hotmail account ?

Although, there are several other email accounts like Gmail, yahoo mail, rediffmail but how you can be more benefitted by having a hotmail account. It is more beneficial because it has some advantages over others:


Personal Folders

Personal folders allow you to group emails by type so that you can search related emails up quickly when you need to.


Avail Microsoft Office Support

Even though you can open and edit Office documents in Gmail too, Hotmail has more file compatibility and offers direct Microsoft office support. Outlook allows you to open Word documents in Skydrive while enjoying the traditional Word interface. The document can be downloaded, edited, uploaded again on the cloud and even sent again via Hotmail in the original format, with a pit having to format it.


Connect to Face book Chat:

While Google have a closed circle like Google+, Outlook allows you to chat with friends that you have in your Face book friend list. This allows you to socialize while staying in one window and gives you a hassle free interface.


Socially Linked

Hotmail is helpful in managing your social network since it has the feature of synchronizing all major social media accounts like Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn; and has a interesting feature of sending wishes for birthday and other social events: so that you don’t have to remember everything or even save them in your personal calendar.


Fewer Ads:

Let’s be real, no one like advertisements popping up on the screen. Your Hotmail account won’t show half as much advertisements as Google does, and according to statistics, they are 60% less. This alone is a major reason to choose Hotmail over Gmail.


Exchange ActiveSync Support:

Exchange ActiveSync is a program designed solely for the corporate user base in order to sync contacts, mail and calendar. offers free Exchange ActiveSync support. On the other hand, Gmail encourages the use of paid App service while Microsoft Exchange itself isn’t entirely free of cost.

Technical issues faced by Regular Hotmail users :

  • Customers can encounter login issues.
  • Inbox stack overflow.
  • Not able to receive emails.
  • Developing Synchronization with other mail accounts.
  • Not able to send attachments in mail.
  • Not able to login with android phones.
  • Forget password or password doesn’t match.


Questions arise while using Hotmail :

  • You Feel like Someone Else is using your Hotmail Account
  • It Says Your Hotmail Account does not exist?
  • Does it say Hotmail Account Password is incorrect
  • Hotmail Account Problem with Sending or Receiving Emails?
  • Are you getting Mailer Daemon Error on your Hotmail Account?
  • Are you getting Call Us Overprotective prompt?

What we do as Hotmail Customer support?

We provide customized support for IT experts for business as well as home users. Our team of professionals will guide and support you for all your queries related to your email account in any manner we can. We generally help you out with all these issues:
  • Help to Create New Hotmail Account.
  • Configuring New Hotmail account
  • Setup Multiple Accounts.
  • Forgot Password.
  • Scanning and Removing Spam Mails.
  • Password recovery.
  • Unblocking blocked email account.
  • Eradicating and blocking spam.
  • Password Change or Password Reset.
  • Synchronizing Contacts of your mail.
  • Online Help to Remove to Delete Account.
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