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MSN is a widely used web portal by Microsoft that offers you N number of Internet Services operated all across the globe. It is not only equipped with innovative features and sophisticated tools but also provide you a user-friendly interface which plays a vital role in bringing high volume web traffic.

In the present era, there is a volatile growth in e-commerce with millions of dollars worth of sales taking place each year. Today, thousands of businesses are completely dependent on the internet for their success where Web-based E-mail service is a prime necessity.

 What is an Email Service?

An Email Service is used to access and store email messages for the users who are not connected to the Internet from their usual location. It allows users to log into the email account by using any compatible web browser to send and receive their email. We offer Email support services for technical as well as non-technical products and services. We provide 24*7 Email Technical Support with the minimal waiting time. Email Service is offered by global service providers like Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, Zoho, Outlook, GMX, etc. But here we will discuss regarding MSN email service, a Product of Microsoft.

What is an MSN Account?

It’s the account that you use to sign in to Skype,, One Drive, Windows Phone, and Xbox LIVE – and it means your files, photos, contacts, and settings can follow you to any device. MSN account used to be called “Windows Live ID“. ..

Importance of an MSN Account

The most prominent advantages of having an MSN account include the ability to download, install and restore modern UWP apps from the Windows Store. If you have other MSN gadgets, like a Windows Smartphone, Zune and Xbox then an MSN account would help you access unified apps and games.  You can create your MSN account on MSN provides several types of mobile apps like:

  • MSN Money app
  • MSN News app
  • MSN Sports app
  • MSN Weather app
  • MSN Messenger

Now let us talk about the issues that people generally come cross and the queries they do while setting up an account.

Set up and Manage your MSN Account

  • What is an MSN account?
  • Sign up for an MSN account
  • Signing in your MSN account
  • Managing your MSN account
  • Connecting your account to other MSN accounts
  • Changing the name of your account
  • Changing the email of your account
  • Changing the profile picture of your account
  • Renaming your account

Protecting your MSN Account

  • Help to protect the MSN account
  • How to create a strong password
  • About two-step verification
  • Apps password and two-step verification
  • How and where will I receive the verification code
  • Identity Verification Apps

Getting help with your devices

  • Protect My Phone
  • What if I lost my Device
  • How to track a lost device
  • Find and lock a lost device
  • Check Reset protection status
  • Manage Windows phone reset protection settings

Adding and Spending money in your MSN account

  • what is the expiry date of your MSN account money
  • What are the limits of money in an MSN account
  • How to check the balance in an MSN account
  • How to add money to an MSN account wallet
  • Terms and conditions for getting a gift card from MSN store
  • • How to redeem a code of a gift

Trouble in Signing up your MSN Account

  • How to reset your MSN account password
  • That MSN Account doesn’t exist
  • How do I change my Security info
  • What happens when somebody else sign in to our account
  • What is this OTP?
  • When you can’t sign in to your account

Privacy of your MSN Account

  • How to change the privacy settings for my MSN account
  • What data is MSN asking for me?
  • Why MSN is collecting this data from me?
  • Privacy statements
  • Privacy, Online services
  • Who can access the personal info?
  • Which information is visible to my contacts?

Services and Subscriptions

  • How to avail services and subscription for an MSN account
  • How to renew a subscription
  • Change the payment method to pay for your subscription
  • To cancel an MSN Subscription
  • Check Reset protection status
  • Pay for a due MSN subscription

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